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This website is dedicated to helping people with real estate investments. Learn the skills and techniques of profitable investing, share others own experiences and build a sustainable businesses. We have and will continue to join forces with leading investors, we started RETalkShow in January 2014 mainly because we wanted to share what we have learned and show that interacting with like-minded investors helps everyone improve. We all have valuable information at some level. Finding which type of real estate investing is right for you, finding the information you need to be successful in that type of investing, and finding others who have “been there and done that” can help you and others succeed.

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Building a business takes time and effort, don’t fool yourself, this is no get rich quick way of life, it takes time, effort and energy, but it can be fun and rewarding!. The more you know and the more help you can get along the way will make all the difference in becoming successful in real estate.

Real Investing is a learning process.

When starting in the real estate investing it is important that you get educated in the concepts. The different concepts of real estate are covered in the pages of RETalkShow with how to, tips and mentors and coaches giving free help. (Not just another way to get your email info for spam!) Real information from real professionals with proven RE experience is the goal for investors.

What type of deals are you looking for?
Flipping, lease options, rentals, foreclosures, wholesaling are all ways to make money in real estate. The more you focus on one specific thing, the better and more knowledgeable you become at it. Finding valuable information is important and not dealing with partial information or marketing ploys to get your personal info can save you time and effort.

Make a plan, work the plan!
By making a good business plan of your desires, intentions, goals, finances and all other aspects of your long-term goal are very important. You will create a better real estate investing business and achieve your goals faster with more profit by making a plan and then sticking to it as much as possible.

Properties, properties, properties.
Choose wisely when looking for your first property. Don’t jump the gun and decide because it’s a place you would like to live. If you are going to buy and sell for profit, keep the backend, the final sale always in mind.

Money talks.
Paying for your deal can be the biggest leap you make and can often be the single most important action you take. Remember; never use your own money! Never use your credit or a personal promise on a note or loan. There are many ways to finance a deal, learn the different options available, and read the articles here.

Marketing to buyers and sellers
As you begin to look for sellers and later buyers, you will undoubtedly need to have a strong marketing skill set. Too many investors have the “if you build it, they will come” mentality when it comes to real estate. Some simple and effective ways cost nothing or very little and other ways can be very expensive and not cost effective. Learn the different ways to attract buyers and sellers. Browse the posts and meet new friends while checking out our real estate investment Facebook page for continuing information on this topic and others.

Exit Strategies
How you sell, lease, rent a property is just as important as when you buy one. When starting a deal keep in mind the exit stagey your going to use when done, build your profit by structuring the deal by the end game.

RETalkShow, Real Estate Investment, why?

This site is interned to bring you free real estate investment information from investors who have experienced the process and have worked with others in real estate.
If you are new to RETalkShow, start with our blogs. The blogs contain posts about every aspect of real estate investing, updated daily. Search through the site or create a new thread in the forums and ask any questions you might have. Many of our members will be there to help answer your questions.
Within these chapters, there are numerous links to additional articles and discussions found on We recommend you take the time to scour these, as they will help answer many of the questions you may have.
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