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Advertising opportunities.


We now offer advertising opportunities on our real estate investors website.  Our members and guests  visit us on a daily basis to stay informed. They work more efficiently and network with other investors in real estate investing. Using our website you will be reaching more Real Estate Investors, Landlords and real estate professionals and generating top dollars for your company. The RETalkShow website offers back links to the advertisers’ home page.  This  will make the product buying process more convenient for the supplier and member.

Please take this time to look over our exciting advertising opportunities that are now being offered.

Advertising with will assist in creating a winning season for you and your company! No matter what your marketing message and budget are, RETalkShow can help set up an advertising package. We can help get the word out to our captive audience for you and your company.

If you are interested in advertising please contact us using the form below.

Advertising opportunities include:
• Top of page Banner Ad
• Side Bar of webpage
• Bottom of Page
• Complete Page
• Block Ad in a Page
• Half Page Ads – Under Content of Page
• Half Page Ad – Right Side of Page Next To Content
And More

Advertising prices are determined by ad placement, length of ad time, artwork requirements, copy work needed, etc.

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No matter how big or small your marketing message and budget are, RETalkShow can help. We can help set up an advertising package to get the word out to our captive audience. If you have a product in the Real Estate arena we have the audience.

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Web advertising design

There are several different online advertising design options. You may be able to buy a banner ad across the top of the page or different sizes of ads in different places. Skyscraper ads are vertical banners down one side of the page and can achieve a great deal of impact. Reach real estate investors as well as all other types of real estate professional by advertising with RETalkShow.  We will work with you to achieve your target market at the best online prices.

Where you place your advert on a website is crucial. For instance, a banner ad on the home page might get the most exposure, but an ad on the page that is the most relevant to your product might provide more effective promotion. We can also design an entire page dedicated to your company or product. That page can be linked in other relevant areas of to increase your exposure.

While a static display ad is the simplest option, even simple animation may help attract more attention to your ad. While the main aim of many ads is to boost your website traffic, more complex rich media such as videos can be used to provide a more involving ad.

You will probably want to use a professional designer to create your online ad, we do have designers we work with that can help your ads. There are online advertising design tools for simple ads that may also help you. If you have questions or design ideas just let us know.

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