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“Bob Leonetti entered the real estate business in 1988, purchasing his first property with “Nothing Down”, which he later sold with owner financing. His success in real estate investing led to his involvement in the mortgage industry in 1992. In 1995, he co-founded Success Investments, Inc. to provide non-conforming financing for real estate transactions and to buy and sell mortgages on the secondary market. Since 1988, Bob has taught a variety of real estate education courses for SDI Wealth Institute, Robert Allen Seminars, Ron LeGrand and the Stefanchik Organization. He is an internationally recognized speaker with more than 6000 platform hours of public speaking experience. Bob is a member of the National Association of Mortgage Bankers, National and Local Associations of Mortgage Brokers, and a past member of the TAMB Educational Advisory Committee. In 1995, Bob was active in pioneering the purchase of unseasoned mortgages, and the dawning of Simultaneous Closings with his company, SMI Funding. SMI Funding’s approach to real estate related services provided significant benefits to homebuyers, real estate agents, investors and real estate office owners. Through its automated compliance system, the company provided real estate customers with a complete range of real estate related services. Robert Leonetti is an internationally recognized author and speaker who has taught a variety of real estate education courses for several Nationally Recognized Trainer Affiliations of Success.

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Excerpt from the free training material ” The Paper Game” – This course is all about the purchase and sale of privately held mortgage.

“This is the age of achievement. Never have more people accomplished more things in more
different fields than they are accomplishing today. More people are becoming successful at a
faster rate than at any other time in history. In fact, there have never been more
opportunities for you to turn your dreams into realities than there are right now.
Leading futurists and prominent businesspeople are predicting that mankind is entering a
Golden Age. Personally, with the advent of the Internet and a rapidly approaching Global
Economy, I think we already have. The Western ideals of democracy, individual liberty and
free enterprise are sweeping the globe and bringing prosperity, growth, and human freedom
wherever they are seriously tried. There has probably never been a better time for you to
achieve greater success, freedom, happiness, and financial independence than at this very
I know this to be a fact: I started my national note buying company in the spare bedroom of
my house in 1994, specializing in the purchase and sale of privately held mortgages. In 2001,
I took my company public. I say this only because I know that the system you are about to
learn can change your life. It certainly changed mine…
No matter who you are or what your situation; you have within you, right now, the ability to
accomplish more than you ever have before. You have the potential to exceed all of your
previous levels of accomplishment. You can be, have, and do more than perhaps you have
ever imagined. All you need to do is to learn how, and then put what you learn into action.
The Paper Game…
The Paper Game, or “Note” industry, as those of us in the business like to call it, has been a
little known, but lucrative, business for many years. It offers an incredible opportunity for
anyone willing to put forth the time, effort, energy and capital necessary to achieve success. In
recent years, a number of companies have popped up to provide training to those who want to
enter this field, and have provided an excellent way to gain a solid foundation of knowledge
quickly and inexpensively.
There are quite a few, however, who teach this business without ever practicing what they
preach. Their format generally provides a technical overview with some marketing ideas
thrown in to get you started, but they don’t have real world experiences upon which to draw.
This course will be different.”
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