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David Lindahl has reportedly rehabbed over 820 houses in just under 10 years and currently owns over 7,400 apartment units. Starting out as a struggling landscaper with no experience in construction.


Dave reports, within the first 14 months, Dave’s apartment buildings created a positive cash flow of over $10,300 a month for him and his family and with in three and one half years Dave became a mufti-millionaire. WOW, wouldn’t that be great!

Dave Lindahl, author of 2 #1 bestselling books, Emerging Real Estate Markets, and Multi-Family Millions. His third book is through Donald Trump’s organization, and is called Commercial Real Estate Investing 101: How Small Investors Can Get Started and Make It Big.

Among other publications David has been featured in Reader’s Digest, Creative Real Estate Lifestyles, AOL and Kiplinger Magazine.

Dave Lindahl, with no Real Estate experience, created systems that allowed him to create enough monthly positive cash flow to retire within 3.5 years. Like we said before… learn, learn, learn!
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Real Estate Investing can involve large sums of finances. It is very important that you handle them with care so that you may not run into  heavy loss’s. Dave Lindahl  is one among the best sources for discussing real estate investing, real estate investments, no money down and no down payment creative real estate techniques and everything related to real estate investing. Investors can make use of a hedging tool that provides investment profit protection and profit enhancement.  Investing in real estate is the best tip anyone could ever find for making quick money in today’s world. The risk could be high in the field for a beginner but as you get the necessary expertise in the market, you can expect great returns. But one needs to be highly careful in real estate investing if he/she is a beginner. You should gather sufficient details and look at the company’s potentiality for investing.

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