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RETalkShow radio and video helps independent and network investors thrive and profit from what they have to offer. We enables those real estate investors to broadcast/record/upload, , stream live or even on-demand, a show. We take care of the complex technical and commercial chores of broadcasting at an unmatched scale so that content creators can focus on creating and honing content that listeners love. Experienced investors offer a wide range of information and technical know how. Sharing that information will strengthen all of our capabilities in investing. Real estate investing is a profession and not a get rich quick scam.  The process’s involved can be complex and time consuming. Sharing with audio and video can increase our chances in making a profit and growing the industry as a whole.

Having a coach or mentor can be a great help but learning on your own should never stop.  Learning by doing is one step, having a team to build  your business is another step and listening and watching proven professionals is another simple step to success.

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