Real Estate Hard Money Lenders.

Real estate investing loans from hard money lenders are important. The following companies offer a special type of real estate backed loan.

hard moneyHard money lenders lend short-term capital loans. These loans  provide funding based on the value of the real estate acting as collateral. They tend to focus on the value of the collateral property rather than the borrower’s ability to repay.  Hard money lenders typically charge much higher interest rates than banks. They fund deals that do not conform to bank standards such as verification of borrower’s income, assets, or credit score.

Hard money lenders will offer a range of requirements on how much they will lend, loan to value. There requirements could depend on what types of real estate they will lend on, for instance, commercial, residential, mufti-family, land. The minimum and maximum loan sizes could also make a difference. Hard money lenders that loan on residential property must be licensed through their state regulatory agency.  Hard money lenders should be licensed with  the National Mortgage Licensing System. Borrowers should verify the lenders license through the National Mortgage Licensing System, NMLS in order to prevent problems at closing. Many states require the lender’s license number to be listed on the loan documents. Not having the license number on the loan documents could prevent the loan from closing.

Please understand the following list is for real estate investors who need financial help. The following list it is not intended to be an endorsement. Do your own research and deal with professionals.


real estate investing Financing for real estate investors are listed below. This is just one small list and check banks in your area and your local REIA group for more help.  Financing can change day to day, check rates, terms and all details before making a deal.

Listings for funding below:

  1. 1CREW Funding , Houston, Texas
  2. 1st California Loans from Dana Point, California
  3. 1st Choice Lending Team LLC, Phoenix, Arizona
  4. 1st Commercial Lending, Pompano Beach, Florida.
  5. 1st Quick Funding, Valley Stream, New York.
  6. 310 Equity, Los Angeles, California.
  7. 3E Capital, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA.
  8. A & A Funding Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona.
  9. A Plus Capital/Real Estate, New York , NY
  10. A.J.T.M. Financial Group, Inc., Lakewood, Washington
  • The word  moneylender refers to a person, group or business who offers small personal loans at high rates of interest. The higher than normal interest rates they charge is justified in many cases by the risk involved.They play an active role in lending to people with less access to banking activities, bad credit, low credit.Many countries have laws in place that requires money lenders to be registered and impose limits on the interest rates that can be charged.
  • Investors use hard-money lenders to acquire investment properties relatively quickly. Hard-money lenders are considered private lenders, and do not use conventional standards to extend credit to borrowers. A borrower uses a hard-money loan as a temporary, short-term loan solution until he can acquire more conventional financing for the property.  Hard-money loans are a good option for an investor who needs to acquire a property quickly or cannot get traditional financing. In addition, people with impaired credit who need money fast and can pay the high cost of borrowing are good candidates for hard-money loans. This type of loan may also be a viable option for individuals looking to avoid foreclosure. These individuals have turned their financial situation around, but still need cash to stop the foreclosure or at least get some additional time to sell the property. Foreclosure borrowers typically need to have at least 30 to 40 percent equity in their property to even qualify.
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