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Distressed, problem properties affect us all

 Rich, middle and poor neighborhoods alike


We’ve all seen them.  They’re the front yards overrun with tall grass, abandoned cars and all kinds of junk. They’re the houses with crashing porches, peeling paint and boarded-up windows. They’re the lots cluttered with loose trash, bags of old garbage and toppled over sheds.

At the very least, an abandoned house is an eyesore or a place mischievous children can get into trouble.  At the very worst, an abandoned house can be a health hazard, or a magnet for drug trafficking, gang activity or prostitution.

Abandoned houses hurt our communities in many ways.  They bring down the morale of those that live in the neighborhood.  They hurt the property values of other homes nearby.  On one hand they reduce the available funding for government services when property taxes go unpaid, while on the other hand they increase the need for those same services – police, fire and health departments – due to the crime they foster .

Some day, a house in your neighborhood — similar to one of those described above — could become a headache for your community.

The question is, “What can I do about it?”

Always, if you notice suspicious activity at an abandoned house in your neighborhood, you should report it to the authorities.  If the grass and weeds are overgrown or the lot is full of trash, you can notify your health department.

Sometimes, these houses are in such bad shape they just need to be torn down.  But often, these houses can be brought back to life.  That’s where real estate investors come in.

In almost every community, there are investors that specialize in revitalizing these abandoned homes.  At RE Talk Show we want to help connect these investors with the houses that need their help.

If you’re an investor that would like to be notified of these properties contact us here with your needs and join our Project Help Team at no charge.

If there’s a problem property in your neighborhood, send us the address and photos of the property and we can start a process  to solve that problem. Working together we can help each neighborhood –  one house at a time.

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