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Courses from Ron LeGrand, Robert Kiyosaki, David Lindahl, William Bronchick, Scott Scheel, Alan Cowgill, Wendy Patton, Vena Jones-Cox, Steve Cook to many more.  Locate offers  from low-priced starter items to comprehensive how-to creative real estate courses on topics like lease options, lease purchase, subject to (sub2), rehabbing, short sales, foreclosures, tax sales, and many more.

One small tidbit of information could turn any deal from headache to profit! Never overlook the importance of the professional,  experienced investor with a proven track record. Find the real estate courses that is right for you. Learning and using one small bit of information could supercharge your career or business. Finding a program or coach you can learn from can be a personal experience. You need to understand and even respect the teacher to get the most from what they have to offer. Having confidence in yourself will propel your business, having confidence in your couch or mentor will expatiate the process. Grow your business with knowledge from a proven and time- tested mentor. Don’t just take the advertising companies ad promotions. Research the different programs available, find someone you can relate to and who has specific knowledge of your type of business.

There are only a handful of truly high quality real estate professionals who can teach a successful program.

REI Tax Experts – Carla DeWitt

Investing in the Paper side of Real Estate, Expert – Bob Leonetti

REI Internet Marketing Specialist – Tim Helmick

REI Trainer, Mentor, Coach – Ron Lagrand

Life Coach – Learn to Get Out of the Rat Race Faster –  Robert Kiyosaki

REI Trainer – David Lindahl

Nationally-known attorney, author, entrepreneur and speaker  –  William Bronchick

Lease Option Investing Expert – Wendy Patton

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